20:32 Uhr
Samstag 27 Juni 2009

Parvati worshipping the Linga, while dropping the Shitmixer


There are several actions and different things to see. At the same time and/or after each other.

Belchkitchen′s actions are one the balance of meditation and insanity.

Quinten Dierick ( Paramaribo, Suriname 1967) started Belchkitchen in late 2000 after being active in graphic arts, painting and drawing. Let′s say, then, the more static forms of expression. He felt the urge to explore a more physical and intuitive way of working. And to be in more direct contact with the audience and to put out as much energy from out of his limbs and boiling head. Belchkitchen began as a heap of chaotic one-man performances:

Anal Warrior, naked trash noise with homebrow electronics and public interventions. Negers in het Onderwijs, instant poetry. D.J. Schopschijf, playing records, making clay figures and singing on a pottery disk. Schreeuwend koken, cooking, screaming and transforming at the same time during 20 minutes. Belchsingersonggrinder, a hysterical one-man orchestra. Hybridpackaging, a cartoonesque sequence of sounds and moving cardboard figures.

Belchkitchen played live as soon as possible, ranging from extremely off-stage toilettish situations, to more sophisticated venues.

The last two are now the active ones. The frequency of live-actions is a little lower now, because every set is a unique piece.

The work Belchkitchen will bring to Berlin is called: Parvati, worshipping the Linga, while dropping the Shitmixer. It′s performed by Belchsingersonggrinder.
There is not a constant central action, there will be more temples, more bells…