Zwielicht Pavilion
solo sound performances
at twilight

curated by Marc Sabat and Mareike Lee
at A trans Pavilion

Experimental sound performance takes place in many scenes at once these days: for example in new music, as Echtzeitmusik, in performances by visual artists, in avant-garde pop. Work might be strict, formal, cerebral, theatrical, dionysian, intoxicated. Much of this music is presented in insider spaces of Berlin‘s late-night scene for a specialized audience. In imagining and curating our series ZWIELICHT, we had two guiding impulses: to bring unexpected approaches to experimental sound into a shared space, and to present this work at the boundary between specialized and public space. We chose twilight both as a beautiful time in the gallery because of its open glass front wall, and as a metaphor for the boundary between public time and private time.
A TRANS PAVILION is a gallery in the midst of the tourist magnet Hackesche Höfe, a glass and concrete space which invites chance visits from passersby and at the same time maintains the intimacy of a house concert, seating about 40 guests. Gallery curator Isolde Nagel has been presenting year-long themes connecting art/architecture/design and the urban space for her exhibitions. In 2009, the subject is |A simpli-city|.
ZWIELICHT brings new music out of a shell and literally puts it in a show-window where people can see and hear it accidentally (sound spilling out through glass walls).